February 07, 2014

THANK YOU! by victoria & ann-kathrin

A huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who has clicked on our blog, it does mean a lot to us!!
To give you some reason to reclick, we will be posting a lot more constantly from the end of february, since during those exam days, fashion life must have a little pause :(
 STAY TURNED for all the exciting stuff coming up :)

 Ann-Kathrin & Victoria

January 27, 2014


A few days ago on my way to the wolf of wallstreet...

I didn't really see the sun for quite a while but I really had to finally wear my sunnies I got for christmas!! 
Yesterday I went to the movies to watch "the wolf of wallstreet" and I wore this sunnies in a quite cozy way. I can really recommend this movie!! It's quite long, so take some popcorn with you :)